Testing Google Pay

Testing Against a Real PSPs sandbox

You can test Google PayTM against a real Payment Service Provider (PSP) the same way as regular Google Pay payments. There are no additional merchant configuration changes required; and you can use the PaymentData JSON in the nonce field when making a payment.

See the Testing page for more information.

Testing Against a Mock Sandbox

You can use set values in our mock sandbox to test different responses. To get access to our mock sandbox, please get in contact with support.

After you are set up, you can send a payment, using POST /v1/payments, with the amount set to the below values to test the different responses. Google Pay is used as the payment instrument and Nuvei is the PSP - for other PSPs please get in contact with support for more information:

Successful / Approved Payment

Amount: 1000

Response Code: 1000

Response Message: Approved.

Declined Payment

Amount: 4201

Response Code: 4201

Response Message:
Transaction Error: Transaction declined by payment processor - customer will need to contact their bank for more details.

Insufficient Funds

Amount: 4202

Response Code: 4202

Response Message: Transaction Error: Insufficient funds.

Card Lost or Stolen

Amount: 4212

Response Code: 4212

Response Message:
Transaction Error: Transaction declined by payment processor as card reported as lost or stolen.

Invalid Currency

Amount: 4264

Response Code: 4264

Response Message:
Transaction Error: Currency code of payment request does not match any of the supported currency codes on payment service provider.