Google Pay

Google PayTM enables customers to securely perform payments via the web or on an Android app with Payment methods already saved to their GoogleTM account. Customers can easily check out with just a few clicks, sometimes reducing the need to enter their payment and shipping information for each purchase.

BR-DGE offers multiple ways to integrate with Google PayTM so you can enable the feature in a way that suits you.

Enabling Google PayTM Within Your BR-DGE Retail Channels

Please get in contact with support to add Google PayTM to your BR-DGE retail channels.

Integration Options

BR-DGE offers Google PayTM via our REST API, SDK and Hosted Payment Page.

API First

You can follow the official Google PayTM documentation to integrate your web or Android application using BR-DGE as your gateway.

Please refer to our REST API - Google PayTM page for more information on this integration option.


You can let BR-DGE handle all interactions with GoogleTM by using the BR-DGE Web SDK.

The Web SDK will intelligently offer Google PayTM if the feature is enabled on your BR-DGE Retail Channel and supported by your customer's device.

Please refer to our Web SDK - Google PayTM module page for more information on this integration option.

REST API + Hosted Payment Page

The BR-DGE Hosted Payment Page will intelligently offer Google PayTM to your customers if the feature is:

  1. Enabled on your BR-DGE Retail Channel.
  2. Supported by your customer's device.
  3. Enabled on your BR-DGE Hosted Payment Page order.

Please refer to our Hosted Payment Page - Digital Wallets page for more information on this integration option.


See the Testing Google Pay page for more information on:

  • Testing against a PSP sandbox.
  • Testing against a mock sandbox.