Vault Import

Vault Import allows you to transfer Card on File data into BR-DGE. This will allow you to move to BR-DGEs features without an interruption in your user experience. The Card on File data can be exported from the Payment Service Provider (PSP) or from your own Vault in a CSV file.


The majority of the implementation of Vault Import will be done for you, so please get in contact with support to get things started.

Here are the steps in the process:

Step 1–Format

You will need to agree to a CSV format with your vault provider. This will include file encoding, fields, handover method (SFTP, etc), checksum format. For encryption, you must use BR-DGE provided GPG public keys. Please make sure the data is validated on your end as we will import data as is. Before a large import, we recommend you provide us with a sample data to make sure everything is aligned.

Required fields:

  • Expiry Date: The physical card expiry date. The date format (e.g. MM-YY) should be confirmed prior to import.
  • PAN: A primary account number (PAN) on the physical card, which will be used to tokenize a BR-DGE Multi Use Token (MUT).
  • Unique ID: The Unique ID is used by the vault provider to link BR-DGE Multi Use Token (MUT) to a record in the vault provider's system. This can be used as the Customer ID if desired (see below Additional / Optional fields for more information on this field).

Additional / Optional fields:

  • Name on Card: Name which appears on the physical card.
  • Customer ID: you can query Card on File with the Customer ID when searching for tokens in future.
  • PSP Token: this will be provided when you export data from your Vault provider and you will need to state which PSP these tokens relate to.
  • PSP Fingerprint: this will be provided when you export data from your vault provider.

If you provide PSP Token and PSP Fingerprint fields, BR-DGE use these to populate a PSP token reference for use in Vault Interoperability.

Step 2–Export

Production export is provided and executed at an agreed time between BR-DGE, you (as the merchant) and the vault provider.

Step 3–Import

BR-DGE will import the provided data into the BR-DGE Vault. We will notify you when the import is complete.

Step 4–Migrate

You can collect and ingest the data into your internal systems via:


Customer ID and PSP Token ingestion options are only available if these fields were provided in the data file.