Google Pay

See the Google PayTM Feature Page for more information and options on how to integrate Google Pay with BR-DGE.

Integration Directly With the Google Pay API

Set up with Google Pay

Follow the procedure in the Google Pay documentation to integrate your web or Android application.

In the step where you choose a payment tokenization method, choose Gateway, then set comcarde as your gateway, if you have not been provided with a gatewayMerchantId parameter, please get in contact with support.


After you Set up with Google Pay, you can use BR-DGEs REST API to send payments. If you integrate directly with the Google Pay API you will need to supply the web or Android PaymentData object as a JSON encoded string. Please see the Payment with Google Pay Payment Instrument example request in POST /v1/payments for more information.


"type": "googlePay",
"nonce": “{
    "description":"Visa •••• 1234",

Testing Google Pay

See the Testing Google Pay page for more information on:

  • Testing against a PSP sandbox.
  • Testing against a mock sandbox.