Pix is a Brazilian local payment method introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil. The PIX payment method supports real-time transactions for both payments (deposits) and payouts (withdrawals) functionality. To initiate a Pix payment you display a QR code and your customer scans this QR code using their mobile device to authorize and complete the payment.

Payment Service Provider Support

BR-DGE can currently route Pix payments to the following Payment Service Providers:

  • D24
    • The customerOrderCode fields in BR-DGE payment requests are
      mappped to the D24 invoice_id field and needs to be to be unique
      per payment.
    • For more information, please look at D24s API documentation.

Integration Options


Pix Deposit

Deposits with Pix, also known as Pix Payments, are offered via D24 using the BR-DGE Redirect Payment Flow.

Pix Deposit Example

You can see an example of a Pix deposit under 'Payment with Pix Payment Instrument' in POST /v1/payments.

  • The documentId field holds any documentation info that is required for certain payments. In the case of Pix deposits it will be your customers' Brazilian Tax ID.


Pix features are not supported with BR-DGE SDKs.

Hosted Payment Page

Pix is not supported with the BR-DGE Hosted Payment Page.