Testing via the Public Retail Channel

Information on testing your integration with BR-DGE.

Test your integration with BR-DGE with the test values provided below. Each results in a different set response from our API.


These test values are only for use in our Sandbox environment when using the public Merchant Account we provide.

The test values on this page will not work when using your own Sandbox Merchant Account and do not result in a real transaction with a Payment Service Provider.

To test merchant accounts other than our public Merchant Account in our Sandbox environment please refer to the developer documentation for the configured PSPs of that account as they usually provide their own test values.

If you would like access to our public Merchant Account, get in contact with support.

For the full list of our response codes please refer to our Response Codes page.

Test Card Numbers

Use test card numbers to make a test card payment which will return a specific payment response.

When creating a payment request with a test card number, the other fields in the request (for example cvv, expiry date, name on card, etc) can be set to any valid value. Please see the Payment with Card Payment Instrument example in POST /v1/payments.


Ensure the threeDSecureRequired field is set to false in the payment request

Successful Card Payment With Primary PSP

PAN: 4444333322221111

Response Code: 1000

Response Message: Approved

Successful Card Payment With Secondary PSP

PAN: 5105105105105100

Response Code: 1000

Response Message: Approved


Successful card payment with the secondary PSP after failing over from the primary PSP.

Merchant Account Misconfigured on PSP

PAN: 4646464646464644

Response Code: 4102

Response Message: Merchant account is configured incorrectly on the payment service provider

Transaction Declined

PAN: 5555555555554444

Response Code: 4201

Response Message: Transaction declined by payment processor

Invalid Credit Card Number

PAN: 5454545454545454

Response Code: 4206

Response Message: Invalid credit card number

Duplicate Transaction

PAN: 343434343434343

Response Code: 4215

Response Message: Duplicate transaction


Note: This is an American Express card number, so a 4 digit CVV must be used

Invalid Amount

PAN: 5555444433331111

Response Code: 4232

Response Message: Invalid amount

Payment Rejected by Payment Processor

PAN: 4111111111111111

Response Code: 4251

Response Message: Payment was rejected by payment processor

Error Occurred on PSP

PAN: 6304000000000000

Response Code: 5009

Response Message: Error occurred on payment service provider

Test Refund Amounts

Use test refund amounts to perform a test refund request which will return a specific refund response.

To perform a test refund, first make a test payment with the card number for the primary PSP 'Approved' response specified above. Then make a refund request using the 'paymentId' from the payment response, and the amount provided below which corresponds to your desired refund response.


Amount values are agnostic to any specific currency code.

Successful Refund

Amount: 999

Response Code: 1000

Response Message: Approved

Transaction Already Refunded

Amount: 1999

Response Code: 4402

Response Message: Transaction has already been refunded in full

Refund Amount Too Large

Amount: 2999

Response Code: 4403

Response Message: Refund amount is too large for this transaction