The BR-DGE REST API is designed to provide you with a single integration into the BR-DGE payment marketplace which unlocks access to a wide variety of third-party payment services such as Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Digital Wallets, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), and other services.

Please see our Web SDK documentation for more information about how we can help you integrate your client applications with us.


You can see our OpenAPI Specification by going to the BR-DGE REST API OpenAPI specification.


API keys can be generated via the BR-DGE portal and are grouped into two main classes, based on how they will be used:

  • Server API Keys to use by you in your secure back-end services, and must not be exposed to your end users.
  • Separate Client API Keys will be provided for use in client applications to support certain features that need to happen in untrusted client environments.

Environment Sub Domains

The BR-DGE REST API is hosted on two subdomains, for testing and for live payments.

IMPORTANT To ensure PCI Compliance please only use mock payment instrument data when interacting with our Sandbox API.